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Auxiliary Equipment for Die Casting

Auxiliary equipment is equipped for mechanization or automation. Auxiliary devices include: pouring device, spraying (including cleaning device and picking device). Equipped with auxiliary devices to reduce the amount of labor, improve labor efficiency, and increase economic efficiency.

The pouring device is only configured for the cold chamber die casting machine. With this device, the molten metal poured into the pressure chamber can be quantified. This is conducive to the stability of the position of each stroke point in the injection process. The furnace of the hot-chamber die-casting machine is placed in the machine, and no additional pouring device is needed.

The function of the spraying device is to clean the metal part and debris of the mold parting surface and spray the release agent when the mold is opened during the die casting operation. At the same time, the compressed air used for spraying can also play a certain cooling role on the mold.

The take-out device is used to take out the die-casted die-casting parts from between the opening of the mold.

For the work of spraying or taking parts, there are also robots to complete. You can also use a robot to complete the two functions of spraying and picking.

For mechanized or automated production methods, each die casting machine should be equipped with these three devices at the same time. For general production methods, auxiliary devices may not be configured: only one or two types may be configured separately. According to the importance of the function of these devices, they are arranged in the order of pouring, spraying, and taking parts.


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