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Die Casting Equipment

1. 800T LK Cold Chamfer Die Casting Machine *1sets

2. 500T LK Cold Chamfer Die Casting Machine *2sets

3. 500T LK Cold Chamfer Die Casting Machine *2sets

4. 280T LK Cold Chamfer Die Casting Machine *4sets

5. 160T LK Cold Chamfer Die Casting Machine *1sets

6. 160T LK Zinc Die Casting Machine * 1 set

CNC Machining Equipment

1. Mitsubishi (Japan) CNC machine center, 5 axles *1 set
2. Kia Auto CNC machine line (Robot controlled) * 2 lines
3. Kia CNC machine center, VX400Z * 4sets
4. Kia CNC machine center, MV-850 * 2sets
5. Kia CNC machine center, VX380TD * 2sets
6. Kia CNC machine center, -i-CUT-380T * 2sets
7. Kia CNC machine center, -i-CUT-400T * 8sets

8. Kia CNC machine center, -F400 * 2sets
9. Kia CNC machine center, -D-14-MIA * 2sets
10. Kia CNC machine center, TC510 * 1sets
11. Kia CNC machine center, TC710 * 3sets
12. Kia CNC Lathe, CKX-6434 * 4sets
13. Kia CNC Lathe, E200A * 8sets

Quality Control Equipment

1. Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM), brands of Zeiss, Leader NC, Shanghai Linyuan*3sets
2. Equator Gauging System Renishaw(UK) * 1set
3. Stationary Metal Analyzer, brand of Spectro (Germany) * 1set
4. X ray Machine center RAYSOV * 1set

5. Projector * 1set
6. Tool Setting Gauge * 1set
7. Water/Air Pressure tester machine * 1set
8. Other Digital Calipers, Height Gauge Calipers, micro calipers.

Surface Finish Equipment

1. 10sets of Stamping machine for trimming
2. 2sets of cleaning machine
3. 4sets of sandy blasting machine

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