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Aluminum Die Casting

Ryan has 16+ years of experience for manufacturing high quality aluminum die casting parts and components for various industries. Including motor parts, high pressure pump parts, connector parts, lamp parts, flange, etc.

What is Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum high pressure die casting is a kind of aluminum wherein metals are molted under high pressure in the mold cavities. In the aluminum die casting process, the aluminum die casting alloys are hardened and the desired shapes are produced. Aluminum alloy casting can be made with the use of either a hot chamber or cold chamber process.

Aluminum pressure die casting is considered as a non-expendable technique which can be repeatedly used to produce different shapes, sizes, and thickness of high pressure die casting aluminum. The aluminum die casting process can produce a variety of shapes with accuracy and attractiveness.

Aluminium pressure die casting is the biggest die casting technique used nowadays to produce commercial, consumer and industrial products salable in the markets today. Aluminum die casting manufacturer spend less and less cost and less time in the making of the produced aluminum which is more attractive to the buyers.

Aluminum high pressure die casting can eliminate post-machining and repeated molding. This process is very economical and finished products made under this process are accurate and long-lasting.

Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting

Light Weight

Die cast aluminum alloy has a low density and is therefore very lightweight. Its density is one-third lower than the density of steel, and the weight of an aluminum alloy conductor is about half that of copper. It is therefore very suitable for the manufacture of lightweight aluminum alloy components.

Corrosion Resistance

Although the die cast aluminum alloy is very lightweight, it is very durable. It has very high corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is often used for electrical connections and housing equipment. Aluminum alloy die casting parts also has very high stability, and it may perform better than steel in low-temperature environments.


Die cast aluminum alloys may not be the most economical of all alloy metals, but it is certainly one of the most cost-effective materials. At present, the technologies for aluminum pressure die casting are applied in various industries, thus forming a complete system. This production method provides an economical method for the mass production of aluminum die casting products.

Material Recyclable

Aluminum alloy recycling is a green behavior for sustainable development. After the aluminum alloy is recycled, some of it will be cold-processed to become powdered aluminum, and the other parts will be recycled by heavy medium ore dressing or parabolic beneficiation.

Faster Production Rate

Aluminum die casting mold can be made according to the customer’s design drawings, and then mass-produced according to the order quantity. Aluminum high pressure die casting is ideal for companies that require medium to large scale production and fast turnaround times.

High-speed production

Aluminum alloy casting provides complex shapes within closer tolerances than many other mass production processes. Little or no machining is required and thousands of identical castings can be produced before additional tooling is required.

Dimensional accuracy and stability

Compared with zinc die casting, aluminum die casting parts are durable and dimensionally stable while maintaining close tolerances. They are also heat resistant.

Strength and weight

Aluminum die casting parts are stronger than plastic injection moldings that having the same dimensions. Thin wall alluminum die castings are stronger and lighter than those possible with other casting methods. Plus, because aluminum alloy casting do not consist of separate parts welded or fastened together, the strength is that of the alloy rather than the joining process.

Multiple finishing techniques

Aluminum die cast parts can be produced with smooth or textured surfaces, and they are easily plated or finished with a minimum of surface preparation.

Simplified Assembly

Aluminum high pressure die casting provide integral fastening elements, such as bosses and studs. Holes can be cored and made to tap drill sizes, or external threads can be cast.

Aluminum Die Casting Applications

Aluminum die casting parts can be manufactured as die-casting automotive parts, die-casting automotive engine pipe fittings, die-casting air-conditioning parts, die-casting gasoline engine cylinder heads, die-casting valve rocker arms, die-casting valve supports, casting power fittings, die-casting motor end covers, die-casting housings, die-casting pump housing, die-casting building accessories, die-casting decorative accessories, die-casting fence accessories, die-casting wheels, and other aluminum die casting parts.

With the continuous improvement of the development level of China’s die casting manufacturing equipment industry, the equipment level of die casting machines has also improved significantly. The precision and complexity of the die-cast parts have been greatly improved.

  • Aluminum alloy castings improve automotive fuel efficiency by contributing to weight-saving requirements.
  • Die cast aluminum alloy is used in a broad range of networking and infrastructure equipment in the telecom and computing industries because RF filter boxes and housings require heat dissipation.
  • In handheld devices, aluminum high pressure die castings provide EMI/RFI shielding, rigidity, and durability with minimal weight.
  • Because of aluminum alloy’s excellent electrical performance and shielding properties, even in high-temperature environments, aluminum pressure die casting is ideal for electronic connectors and housings.

Aluminum Alloys Use

ADC12, A380, AIMgSi12, etc.


Tensile Strength


Thermal Conductivity




Aluminum Alloy 383 (ADC12)3109675It is a die-cast aluminum alloy, which is suitable for cylinder head cover, sensor bracket, cover, cylinder type, etc.
Aluminum A3803259680It is the most common special aluminum alloy because it is easy to mold, easy to machine, and has good heat conduction.
It is widely used in a variety of products, including chassis for electrical equipment, engine mounts, gearboxes, furniture, generators and hand tools.

The Latest Part Examples

Motor Parts

Ryan has rich experience in producing motor accessories by aluminum die casting. This kind parts require high tolerance in precision machining to allow the shaft assembly well in motors.

Pump Parts

Most pump die casting parts require water/air pressure test. Ryan produced a lot of similar products and also have water/air pressure test machine in house to control quality.

Connect Parts

Aluminum die casting parts produced in Ryan could be satisfied with customers. Ryan has equator inspect equipment to proceed 100% inspection in fast speed.


TS16949 is certificated in Ryan, and also Ryan guarantee 12 months for quality. Cooperation with Ryan, customer does not need to worry about quality because Ryan will be totally responsible.

Lamp Parts

Aluminum die casting is widely used in lamp part production. Ryan could provide customer good solution for the mold and fixture to reduce average cost in the lighting parts.

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