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Aluminum Die Casting

Some of the die cast parts we manufacture, Ryan has TS16949 certificate.
Benefit by the inspection equipment of CMM, Equator, X-ray, spectgrogrph etc, product quality could be guaranteed.
Wash Machine Motor Housing
Grass Cutting Machine Side Bracket
Aluminum Pump Part
Motor Body
Grass Cutter Machine Part
Heat Sink
With professional engineer team, Ryan Machinery could provide customer DFM report for each project. And also, for each mold design, customer could receive Flow Analysis Report.
With over 10 years experience in die casting mold industrial, Ryan machinery could produce die casting mold for customers in reasonable price and suitable structure.
With the die casting machine from 250T to 800T. Ryan machinery isSpecializing in the technic of porosityIssue of aluminum die casting and provide middle-high quality level of die Casting parts.
With in-house precision machining ability, owing over 50sets cnc turning machine, 20sets cnc machine center and precision machine with robot run, Ryan machinery could provide customer fast reaction for precision machining service on die casting parts.
Completed inspection equipment Ryan machinery owned is also one of our big advantage to win customer. We have CMM, equator, X-ray, Spectrograph etc. With all these machines, Ryan could meet most customer’s inspection requirement from dimension to material., from surface to inside porosity.
With good sub-supplier of surface finish, Ryan machinery could provide customer these kind value added service:Anodizing, powder coating, painting,Electrophoresis etc. These kind surface finish are also very important for products.
Looking For Partners Achieve Win -Win
Ryan Machinery has been around since 2005 and has helped more than 100+ Companies grow their business with die casting parts. We can offer you the quality and diversity of products required by consumers in today’s synthetic valve market.
If you desire a partnership with a strong brand and the skills necessary to succeed, then Ryan Machinery is the right choice for you. We provide training, marketing collateral, customer service and manufacturing support to every one of our cooperations. We've been looking for partners to achieve win-win, anywhere in the world.
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2.Easy Mass Provisioning
3.Technical Support
4.Competitive Price
5.Line of Credit
We're delighted to partner with you!
Welcome to Ryan
We have workshops for mold development, die-casting and CNC machining. We specialize in the design, machining and production of metal molds and aluminum parts, ranging from components for automobile cleaning machines, rough die-casting and related parts, weighing 1,500 ton in output.
We have the advanced quality testing equipment such as equator gauging system and 3sets of CMM.
We have the ability to solve the technical difficulties, focusing on technological transformation.
  • This article mainly introduces the hoisting specification of the whole set of molds connected together. Click on the article to learn about tool preparation, mold installation, die casting machine operation and other requirements.

  • Auxiliary equipment is equipped for mechanization or automation. Auxiliary devices include: pouring device, spraying. Click for more information.

  • Compared with other casting technologies, the surface of die-casting is smoother and has a higher dimensional consistency. However, non-standard operations and parameters can also cause many types of defects. We will discuss 10 defects are easily occured in aluminum die casting process.

  • There are two different methods of die casting processes: hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting. This article will introduce you some difference between these two process techniques.

  • Casting is a process that is widely used in metal industries. There are different processes, such as sandy casting, investment casting, low-pressure casting, die casting, and gravity casting. Here we mainly talk about investment casting and die casting for aluminum material.Die casting is a process

  • Die Casting is wildly used in industries, but in die casting production, sometimes there may have problems and the reasons are a variety. Here are some examples.

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