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Quality Control Measures for Production Process of Die Casting – Raw Material Testing

1. All purchased aluminum ingots must be tested by physical and chemical laboratories. Only qualified aluminum ingots can enter the die-casting workshop for trial die-casting.

2. The newly arrived aluminum ingots that have not undergone laboratory tests can be temporarily stored in the warehouse first. The warehouse keeper should strictly distinguish the batch of newly arrived aluminum ingots from the aluminum ingots currently in use. And mark this batch of aluminum ingots temporarily stored in the new warehouse, and mark the same batch of aluminum ingots with different piles.

3. Newly placed aluminum ingots temporarily stored in the warehouse shall not be issued to the production workshop for use without permission. The identification of this batch of aluminum ingots. There should be a clear material alloy code, quantity, date of purchase, and the inspection status of the aluminum ingots (the new aluminum ingots that have not been tested and die-casted must hang the pending inspection mark).

4. The aluminum ingots that have passed the laboratory test must be die-casted in the die-casting workshop. The test die-casting products shall be no less than 2,000 small parts and no less than 800 large parts. The test die casting products must be inspected by the workshop director and the quality management department and must be inspected after the aging treatment, such as cracks, cracks, deformation, etc.

5. For aluminum ingots that have passed the laboratory test, die-casting test, and timely treatment and inspection, the quality inspector of the Quality Management Department can fill in the “Aluminum Ingot Inspection Report” to be confirmed as qualified raw materials. According to the above-mentioned inspection report, the Quality Management Department signed the “Warehouse Receipt” for confirmation and indicated that the batch of aluminum ingots had passed the above two inspections. When the material can be officially put into the warehouse, the warehouse manager officially hangs the checked mark, indicating that the material can be officially put into production.

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