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Quality Control Measures for Production Process of Die Casting – Aging Treatment of Die Casting

Aging treatment of die castings

1. All die-casting parts must undergo aging treatment to eliminate the die-casting stress of the product.

2. The die-casting parts produced in the die-casting workshop must be stacked for 15-20 days after full inspection to eliminate the die-casting stress of the product, and the die-casting parts that have undergone aging treatment can flow into the next process for processing.

3. The die-casting parts subjected to time-sensitive treatment must have clear time stamps.

4. For die castings that have undergone time-sensitive treatment, the quality inspector shall conduct random inspections on the products. After confirming that the product fully meets the production requirements, it can be formally put into the warehouse and enter the next production process.

5. If you want to use the products that have not completed the timeliness treatment, you need to fill in the “Concession Release Form”, and it must be approved by the company’s inspection department and the director of the die-casting production workshop.

6. When using products that have not been processed with timeliness, the products that are processed first should be shipped first.

Batch number management of raw materials (aluminum ingots)

1. Since the composition of each batch of incoming raw materials (aluminum ingots) is different, the die-casting workshop must conduct batch number management of raw materials during production.

2. The aluminum ingots put into production must be those that have passed the above inspection.

3. Products produced by aluminum ingots of the same batch number must be strictly distinguished from products produced by aluminum ingots of other batch numbers and marked. The marked content includes: product model, material batch number, production time (timeliness), etc.

4. The later machining process also needs to be carried out according to the material batch number.

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