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Quality Control Measures for Production Process of Die Casting – Maintenance of Casting Equipment

Maintenance of die casting equipment

1. All die-casting equipment should be used in strict accordance with the equipment operating regulations.

2. For the daily maintenance and maintenance, secondary maintenance, intermediate repair, and overhaul of all die-casting equipment, please refer to the Equipment Management Procedures for:

1) Daily maintenance and maintenance of die-casting equipment, such as checking the equipment before going to work every day, adding lubricating oil, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the die-casting equipment.

2) The die-casting equipment runs for 1000 hours for one maintenance.

3) The die-casting equipment is operating at 6200H for medium repair.

4) The die-casting equipment runs for 18000 hours for overhaul.

3. Establish work instructions for daily maintenance and maintenance of equipment, and die-casters shall perform daily maintenance and maintenance of equipment in accordance with the requirements of the work instructions before each shift.

4. Establish an equipment file for each die-casting machine, and the monitor of each shift will record the daily maintenance and repair of the equipment. Such as the type and quantity of products produced by the equipment in the class.

5. The records of all levels of maintenance, intermediate repair, and overhaul of the die-casting equipment constitute a related file of the equipment.

Maintenance of die casting molds

1. For each set of die-casting molds currently in use and newly made, a mold file should be established.

2. The old mold files should clearly indicate the time when the mold was put into use, how many molds have been pressed, etc. The above data can be estimated.

3. Establish daily maintenance and maintenance work instructions for molds. Die-casters, squad leaders, mold workers, maintenance workers, etc., perform daily maintenance and maintenance on molds according to the requirements of the work instructions.

4. The daily maintenance and maintenance work instructions of the mold should specify the following aspects:

1) Who is responsible for installing the mold?

2) Who is responsible for cleaning, inspecting, and recording the mold after it is removed

3) Repair of molds.

4) The service life of the mold.

5. After the new mold is made, the quality management department is responsible for convening mold design and production personnel, die-casting workshop directors, and inspectors to discuss mold acceptance. Qualified molds can be put into production, and unqualified molds are discussed and improved by design and production personnel.

6. The mold file should clearly record how many products the mold has cast, what kind of problems the mold has had, and the mold maintenance records.

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