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Die Cast Aluminum Anodizing Solution

Die casting parts can complete the structure, edges, and corners, and oxidation quality that are difficult to achieve for forging parts, car parts/CNC parts, and the quality of the die casting parts are very important. A small change and detailed process support determine the quality of the anode. Die casting manufacturers engaged in the oxidation of die-casting parts must scientifically support and control the mold’s runner technology, die casting process, and post-processing methods. With this series of strict control processes, the quality of die castings can be ensured.

The design of die casting mold runners and gates, and the control of mold temperature. Due to the large aluminum content of the raw materials, poor fluidity, and high working temperature, the mold runners and gates are set up based on the short-range design. It is advisable to use a mold temperature controller to ensure the equilibrium temperature of the mold to overcome the problems of local overcooling and excessive flow marks.

When choosing raw materials for die castings, to avoid pollution factors, raw materials with low impurity content should be selected. When performing aluminum die casting production, prevent the pollution of silicon, copper, iron, and zinc elements, that is, high-quality graphite crucibles must be used alone, and cannot be mixed with other raw materials for production.

Process control during the die-casting process to reduce watermark and black watermark. Use professional release agents and scientific spraying during die casting production to reduce the water droplets remaining in the cavity and avoid die casting watermarks. Control the pressure and speed of die-casting, reduce local filling overpressure, and avoid mold sticking.

Pre-processing of blanks. After machining, according to the needs of the product, manual polishing, or grinding to remove burrs and oxide layers.

Choice of anode surface treatment plant. Because the bottom layer of the die-casting surface contains different degrees of shrinkage and stains, the anode pretreatment must be adjusted on the basis of the conventional aluminum alloy process to make the surface oxide layer of the casting clean before the anode process can be performed. That is to say, the conventional oxidation process production cannot satisfy the oxidation process of die castings, and it should be tested and audited to verify suitable professional manufacturers before mass production.


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