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Quality Control Measures for Production Process of Die Casting – Quality Control

Full inspection of the product

1. All inspectors conduct all inspections on the die-cast products.

2. Mainly inspect the appearance and defects of products.

3. During the full inspection process, if there are many quality problems found in the product, it should be reported to the team leader and workshop director in time.

4. All inspectors shall classify and record the quality problems of the inspected products.

Product sorting

1. All inspectors must sort the products inspected and resolutely remove unqualified products from them.

2. The unqualified products removed during the full inspection process are classified, isolated, and identified according to different quality problems.

3. Different types and models of products must be placed differently to prevent the mixing of different products.

Product identification

1. Products that have been fully inspected must be marked. Different types and models of die-cast parts should be distinguished.

2. In the product identification, the product model, type, quantity, die-casting machine number, operator’s name, and full inspector’s name must be indicated.

3. Unqualified die-casting products must be identified and isolated to prevent unqualified products that have been selected from being mixed into qualified products again.

Product first inspection

1. The quality inspector must participate in the first inspection of the first product.

2. The quality inspector must confirm that the first-inspected product fully meets the requirements of the drawing before continuing production.

3. For products that fail the first inspection, the quality inspector has the responsibility to require the operator and team leader to adjust or repair the equipment and molds until the qualified products are produced.

Product inspection

1. The quality inspector shall inspect each product being produced at least once an hour to confirm whether the product being produced meets the requirements of the drawing.

2. The quality inspector conducts an inspection every hour on the products being sorted by all inspectors to confirm whether the products being inspected meet the requirements of the drawings.

3. During the inspection process, the unqualified products found should be marked and isolated immediately, and the quality inspector has the responsibility to supervise the operator and team leader to correct it.

4. During the inspection process, if major quality problems are found or serious hidden dangers are found, they should immediately report to the workshop director and the quality department for timely handling.

5. During the inspection process, if there are minor repairable quality problems caused by equipment, mold, and other problems, the quality inspector should notify the workshop director and quality supervisor in time. If such a situation can be resolved by repairing after the fact, production can continue. After mass production is completed, relevant personnel should be notified to repair the equipment and molds in time.

Final inspection of the product

1. The quality inspector conducts a final random inspection on the products before entering the warehouse.

2. Product performance, size, and appearance are inspected according to the production drawings.

3. For unqualified batch products, they can be scrapped, repaired, and sub-inspected according to actual conditions.

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