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What Is Aluminum Low Pressure Die Casting?

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What Is Aluminum Low-Pressure Die Casting

Low-pressure casting is a production method that uses pressure instead of gravity to fill molds with molten metals such as aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. During this pressure casting process, the holding furnace is located below the casting, and the liquid aluminum metal alloy is forced to enter the cavity through the riser upwards. Constantly apply pressure, sometimes incrementally, to fill the mold and hold the metal in the mold until it solidifies. After the casting solidifies, the pressure is released, and any residual liquid in the tube or cavity will flow back to the holding furnace for "recovery". After cooling, just remove the casting.

Aluminum Low Pressure Die Casting Process

In the low-pressure aluminum casting process, the metal alloy in the die casting furnace is filled with a pressure furnace, and the pressure is usually about 0.7 bar.

The holding furnace is located at the lower part of the vertical die casting machine, and the molten metal is directly injected upwards into the bottom of the die casting mold. The pressure keeps the molten metal in the mold until it solidifies.

Advantages of Aluminum Low-Pressure Casting

This method can precisely control the filling process. Injecting molten aluminum metal in this way reduces oxide formation and reduces porosity, thus ensuring excellent consistency from top to bottom. In this way, aluminum low-pressure die casting can produce outstanding density and strength values as well as outstanding dimensional accuracy. Although this method is very suitable for simpler, symmetrical forms, more complex geometries can be achieved by using sand cores in the mold. With simple mechanical and technical advantages, the low-pressure die aluminum casting process is very suitable for automation.

Applications of Low-Pressure Die Casting

This die casting process was created to produce axially symmetric parts such as wheels.

However, by using a sand core in the mold, it is also very suitable for producing parts with hollow sections and complex geometries.

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