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Quality Control of Production Process in Die Casting Workshop - Alloy Melting

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The quality control of the production process in the die-casting workshop involves every aspect of the die casting process, from smelting to production debugging to inspection control; from process key control to equipment and mold maintenance. Omissions in every link may cause quality degradation.

Alloy Melting

1. The temperature of the furnace should be controlled at 630℃-680℃.

2. Observe the molten aluminum, the molten aluminum suitable for production is bright white. If the molten aluminum is red, the furnace temperature is too high. If the aluminum liquid is ice cream-like, the temperature is too low.

3. It is strictly forbidden to mix impurities in the process of melting aluminum. Operators are forbidden to privately put unqualified products into the furnace for re-smelting. If there is a product that needs to be returned to the furnace for re-smelting, it must be inspected and confirmed by the team leader before it can be put into the re-smelting.

4. Keep the aluminum liquid level stable, without scum and bubbles. When scooping molten aluminum for die casting, the oxide layer and impurities on the surface of the molten aluminum must be scraped off.

5. During the production process, each shift must be filled with powdered refining agent and slag remover twice in the furnace. An average of every 4 hours, the entire process of refilling must be carried out under the guidance of the team leader. After the operation is completed, the impurities produced by the refining must be cleaned up before the casting can be produced.

6. During the production process, the furnace bottom aluminum slag must be cleaned at least twice in each shift, at least once every 4 hours on average.

7. All tools that come into contact with molten aluminum must be dried first to keep dry and clean, and no impurities can enter the molten aluminum.

8. In the process of melting aluminum, if too many impurities are found in the aluminum ingots or recycled materials, immediately stop putting similar aluminum ingots or recycled materials into the furnace, and report to the monitor and workshop director in time.

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