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Quality Control Measures for Production Process of The Die Casting Workshop - Mold Assembly And Debugging

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Assembly Mold

1. First, determine the accuracy of the mold model and ensure the integrity of the mold.

2. When assembling the mold, it must be completed with the assistance of the operator, maintenance worker, and team leader.

3. When assembling the mold, ensure the firmness of the solid parts and ensure the safety of the mold during the production process.

Mold Debugging

1. After the mold assembly is completed, it can be tested (inching), and it can automatically run at low pressure once a week to ensure the flexibility of the assembled mold.

1) Check whether the screws are loose.

2) Check the equipment for oil leakage or other abnormal conditions.

3) Check whether the movable parts of the die casting machine and the mold are refilled with lubricating oil.

2. Mold temperature (mold preheating)

1) The surface temperature of the mold is increased to 180°C-220°C.

2) Check whether the cooling water is running normally.

3. Trial die casting

1) The team leader sets the die casting parameters.

2) Check whether the molten aluminum to be cast is suitable.

3) Observe whether the equipment and mold are operating normally during die casting.

4) Check whether the spray pressure and water volume of the release agent are normal.

5) Check whether the size and appearance of the die-cast product meet the requirements of the drawing and inspection card and whether there are product defects.

6) Test die casting products must be more than 50 pieces (must be shot at low-speed injection 20 molds, and then open high-speed injection pressure test).

7) Die castings that are finally confirmed to be qualified can be retained as the first inspection product.

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