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Quality Control Measures for Production Process of The Die Casting Workshop - Die Casting Production And Release Agent

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Die casting production

1. After the die casting parts is confirmed as qualified, the set parameters should be determined, and the operator shall not change the set parameters without authorization.

2. During the die casting process, if abnormal noises such as abnormal noise of the die-casting equipment are found or the castings are stuck in the mold, the machine should be shut down immediately and the maintenance personnel should be notified.

3. During the production process, the operator must ensure the reliability of the die casting mold.

1) Because the parting surface is uneven or worn, the clamping force is not enough, resulting in more flashing of the casting.

2) Due to the wear of the punch, the molten aluminum splashes at the injection position.

3) Damage to mold cavity and slider due to misoperation.

4) Due to the long-term use of the mold, the mold material is fatigued and collapsed, which affects product quality.

Release agent

1. Before die casting in the production process, the mold release agent must be sprayed.

2. Check whether the injection pressure of the release agent is suitable for die casting production.

3. Check whether the release agent flow is suitable for die casting production.

4. Check whether the release agent is invalid.

5. If the above problems occur, the team leader and workshop director should be notified immediately, and the spray air pressure, flow rate, and the ratio of the release agent should be adjusted in time, which is suitable for production.

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