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Quality Control Measures for Production Process of Die Casting - Recycled Material

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1. In the process of die-casting production, the operator is strictly prohibited from putting back furnace materials (such as defective products, slag collecting bags, etc.) into the holding furnace without permission.

2. During the production process, operators need to place unqualified products and slagging materials separately in special baskets, and it is strictly forbidden to place the returned materials directly on the ground.

3. The slagging material of die-casting parts and the waste material after sandblasting are strictly prohibited to be used in the holding furnace. To reuse, it must go through the processes of smelting, degassing, slagging, and refining.

4. The recycled material should be sorted before refining to remove the sundries and other irrelevant materials. The recycled materials after sorting must be cleaned to remove impurities and dirt attached to them.

5. For the returned materials that have passed the test, the workshop director decides when the returned materials will be used for re-smelting, which equipment to use for processing, and what products to produce (mainly non-airtight products and products with low strength requirements).

6. All die-casting parts of the recycled material must also undergo aging treatment to eliminate the die-casting stress of the product.

7. All the die-casting parts of the recycled material must be clearly marked.

8. Treatment of non-returnable waste materials:

1) The workshop melts the waste into aluminum ingots.

2) After sorting, it is treated as scrap aluminum for sale.

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