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Quality Control Measures for Production Process of Die Casting - Production Inspection

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Confirmation and assembly of die casting mold

1. The team leader must confirm the conformity of the mold model to be used for assembly, and the product model must be consistent with the production order.

2. The team leader must confirm the integrity of the die casting mold to avoid chipping and damage to the installed production of the mold.

3. For the assembled mold, check its tightness and add lubricant to ensure the flexibility of mold operation.

4. It is necessary to confirm the conformity of the mold test die casting product.

Product first inspection

1. The team leader must confirm whether the first die casting produced meets the requirements of the drawing.

2. When conducting the first inspection of the product, the team leader must confirm whether the dimensions and appearance of the die casting meet the requirements of the drawings and inspection cards.

3. When the team leader conducts the first inspection of the product, he must confirm the good operation of the die-casting equipment and mold.

Die Castings Inspection

1. The team leader conducts a patrol inspection of each running equipment at least once an hour to correct the bad operations of the operators.

2. Conduct patrol inspections on each machine, and conduct random inspections on the products being produced to confirm the immediate conformity of the products.

3. The team leader should deal with the abnormal production situation in time, and the major quality problem should be reported to the workshop director in time.

Other Factors

1. The team leader shall verify and record the shift procedures each time the shift is transferred.

2. The team leader needs to fill in the work diary, record the quality problems and production situation of the shift, and give work reminders for the next shift.

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