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Quality Control Measures for Production Process of Die Casting - Process Control

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Matters needing attention in process control

1. Key processes should be controlled in key.

2. For die-casting parts that are prone to product deformation due to the long core-pulling, operators, team leaders, and quality inspectors should strengthen their inspection efforts and list them as the focus.

3. The semi-finished products that are completed in the process cannot be stacked too high during the full inspection. For products with similar appearances and different specifications, effective product placement marks are required between different products. Attention should be paid to prevent major confusion in the handling, moving, and production process due to the close distance between different products.

4. Control of non-conforming products

  • During the production process, if the die-cast product is found to be unqualified or the mold is damaged, the discoverer should report it immediately. The team leader, quality inspector or workshop director organizes the identification and isolation of nonconforming products, and places the nonconforming products in the designated area.

  • In the testing process, if the unqualified products can be solved through technical processing, the full inspection and quality inspectors can request the production line to make technical processing, and the processed products must be re-inspected.

  • For the unqualified products found, the workshop quality inspector will fill in the "Quality Report Form" and report to the quality supervisor. The quality supervisor shall convene relevant personnel in the workshop to analyze the unqualified products and make a written decision.

5. The quality inspector can summarize the quality of the workshop production once a week or a month. The content involves product quality, customer returns, customer quality complaints, etc. And report to the quality supervisor, who will make the final monthly quality report.

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