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Founded in August, 2005, our factory covers 8,641.14 ㎡; of land, with a total construction area of 7,231.9 ㎡;. We have workshops for mold development, die-casting and CNC machining. We specialize in the design, machining and production of metal molds and aluminum parts, ranging from components for automobile cleaning machines, rough die-casting and related parts, weighing 1,200 tons in output. We’ve been supplying parts to the Karcher Group for over ten years. Other clients include GFX Corporation, Toyota, etc. With certified quality standards and ethical enterprise practice, we look to develop long-term partnerships with our current and potential clients.

We master the vacuum-mold technology for die casting to improve final die casting part have better physical performance. With nearly 30 sets of CNC machines and two automatic assembly lines and robots, which guarantee the work efficiency by outstanding processing capacity. We have the advanced quality testing equipment such as equator gauging system and 3sets of CMM, and ability to solve the technical difficulties, focusing on technological transformation.

We have rich production experience and offer good service to customers, regular mold within 35days and quotation within 3 workdays, urgent for only 1 workday, Contact us today

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