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Die Casting Parts Production Capacity
1. 8 sets Aluminum Die Casting Machines up to 800T, using aluminum alloy of A380, ADC12, AlMgSi12, etc.
2. Over 60 sets of CNC Turning and CNC machining Center to do precision machining on aluminum die casting part.
3. 2 Auto CNC Machining Line.
4. Full inspection equipment of CMM, projector, Equator, X ray, Spectrophotometer, Pressure Tester to ensure the quality.
One Stop Die Casting Solution

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The Latest Projects
  • One of the main advantages of aluminum die castings is that they are very light and extremely resistant to heat. Aluminum also has high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin-walled applications. The corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties of aluminum die castings are also one of its characteristics. Aluminum die casting also has high thermal and electrical conductivity, and electromagnetic interference shielding ability.

    Aluminum Alloy Material Ryan Always Produce:
    ADC12, A380, AIMgSi12, etc.

    Industries using aluminum die casting parts:
      Marine Parts
      Aerospace Parts
      Automotive
      Power Tools
      Consumer Electronics
      Computing
      Networking and Telecommunication
      Handheld Devices
  • Zinc die casting alloys usually have a longer service life than aluminum alloys. This is why zinc alloys are more economical. The 160ton zinc die-casting machine can produce high precision zinc alloy products that are small in size. The die casting workshop has reached the environmental protection standard and realized automatic production.

    Zinc Alloy Material Ryan Always Produce:
    ZA3#, ZA5#, ZA12#, ZA27#, etc.

    Industries using zinc die casting parts:
     Power Tools
     Consumer Electronics
Die casting
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