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Die Casting-Zinc Die Casting
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Zinc Die Casting

Our equipment is capable of producing a wide range of parts that meet the net shape or near net shape specifications. Zinc die castings are easy to machine to meet high precision requirements. They are the best choice for a variety of surface treatments such as electroplating, traditional lacquering and powder coatings.

Advantages of Zinc Die Casting

Lesser Material

ZAMRK alloys have a special casting fluidity that allows the design of thin-walled sections. It can be casted into thinner, stronger walls to reduce weight and save material costs. Therefore, it is often used for smaller, lighter, and lower cost products.


Longer Service Life

Zinc alloy has a low melting point and a small solidification temperature range, which is easy to fill and form. The zinc alloy casting temperature is lower. The mold has a long service life. It does not easily stick to the mold and does not corrode the mold.


Faster Production Rate

The zinc alloy casting process has perfect performance, and the cooling rate has little effect on the mechanical properties. The casting efficiency is higher than that of aluminum alloy. It is used to make mechanical parts, toys, decorations, household appliances, etc.

Eco-friendly Materials

Zinc alloys are resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere. And the residual waste can also be recycled and remelted, which is an environmentally friendly alloy.


Eliminate Bearings and Bushings

Zinc alloy has good wear resistance. It can be used for sand casting large and medium-sized bearings, bushings and other wear parts.It has the characteristics of low cost, low quality, high hardness, easy molding and convenient cutting. Compared with aluminum wear parts, it has a large affinity with lubricating oil and a small friction coefficient.
Zinc Die Casting Applications
Power Tools
Consumer Electronics
Zinc Alloys Use

ZA3#, ZA5#, ZA12#, ZA27#, etc.

Material Tensile Strength (Mpa) Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) Hardness  (HB) Features
ZAMAK 3 283 113 82 Good flow and mechanical properties.
It is applied to castings that do not require high mechanical strength, such as toys, lamps, decorations, and some electrical components.
ZAMAK 5 328 109 91 Good fluidity and good mechanical properties.
It is applied to castings that have certain requirements on mechanical strength, such as auto parts, electromechanical parts, mechanical parts, and electrical components.
ZAMAK 12 58 116 105 ZA-12 is the most versatile zinc alloy and is often used for gravity or pressure cast parts.
Zamak 12 is the best gravity casting alloy for sand, permanent mould and graphite die casting processes.
It is a good cold chamber die cast alloy.
ZAMAK 27 425 123 119 ZA-27 has the highest aluminum content, highest strength, highest melting point and lowest ZA group density.
ZA27 is 40% stronger than typical aluminum die-cast alloys. This zinc alloy has excellent bearing properties and can be used to design bearings into castings for certain applications.
However, its relatively high casting temperature requires a cold chamber process.
Part Examples

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