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Aluminum Die Casting

Ryan has 16 years of experience for manufacturing high quality aluminum die casting parts and components for various industries. Including motor parts, high pressure pump parts, connector parts, lamp parts, flange, etc.

Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting

Light Weight

Aluminum has a low density and is therefore very lightweight. Its density is one-third lower than the density of steel, and the weight of an aluminum conductor is about half that of copper. It is therefore very suitable for the manufacture of lightweight components.


Corrosion Resistance

Although the aluminum alloy is very lightweight, it is very durable. It has very high corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is often used for electrical connections and housing equipment. Aluminum also has very high stability, and it may perform better than steel in low temperature environments.

Cost Effective

Aluminum alloys may not be the most economical of all alloy metals, but it is certainly one of the most cost effective material. At present, the technologies for aluminum alloys is applied in various industries, thus forming a complete system. This production method provides an economical method for mass production of aluminum products.

Material Recyclable

Aluminum recycling is a green behavior for sustainable development. After the aluminum is recycled, some of it will be cold-processed to become powdered aluminum, and the other parts will be recycled by heavy medium ore dressing or parabolic beneficiation.


Faster Production Rate

Aluminum die-casting mold can be made according to the customer's own design drawings, and then mass-produced according to the order quantity. Die casting is ideal for companies that require medium to large scale productivity and fast turnaround times.

Aluminum Die Casting Applications
Marine Parts
Aerospace Parts
Power Tools
Consumer Electronics
Networking and Telecommunication
Handheld Devices
Aluminum Alloys Use

ADC12, A380, AIMgSi12, etc.

Material Tensile Strength (Mpa) Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) Hardness  (HB) Features
Aluminum Alloy 383 (ADC12) 310 96 75 It is a die-cast aluminum alloy, which is suitable for cylinder head cover, sensor bracket, cover, cylinder type, etc.
Aluminum A380 325 96 80 It is the most common special aluminum alloy because it is easy to mold, easy to machine, and has good heat conduction.
It is widely used in a variety of products, including chassis for electrical equipment, engine mounts, gearboxes, furniture, generators and hand tools.
The Latest Part Examples

  • Ryan has rich experience in producing motor accessories by aluminum die casting. This kind parts require high tolerance in precision machining to allow the shaft assembly well in motors.


  • Most pump die casting parts require water/air pressure test. Ryan produced a lot of similar products and also have water/air pressure test machine in house to control quality.


  • Aluminum die casting parts produced in Ryan could be satisfied with customers. Ryan has equator inspect equipment to proceed 100% inspection in fast speed.


  • TS16949 is certificated in Ryan, and also Ryan guarantee 12 months for quality. Cooperation with Ryan, customer does not need to worry about quality because Ryan will be totally responsible.


  • Aluminum die casting is widely used in lamp part production. Ryan could provide customer good solution for the mold and fixture to reduce average cost in the lighting parts.


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