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CNC Machining
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CNC Machining

We provide a knowledge base and service range matched by few machining specialists.

CNC machining process is widely used in die casting industries to modify die cast parts and produce features that cannot be produced in the die casting mold. This allows us to tailor parts to the specific needs of customers and send parts ready for assembly.
In Ryan, we proceed zinc die casting and aluminum die casting in house. For zinc alloy, normally, few machining processes are required. The most used process for zinc alloy are drilling, tapping and reaming.
But for aluminum die casting parts, machining is widely required. To service the customer better, Ryan has our own CNC machining shop and offers both conventional and CNC machining capabilities.
Depending on your requirements, we can customize a machining process to meet your specifications and budget.

CNC Machining Services

50 CNC machining centers and lathes including vertical, horizontal, drill & tap, and turning. Our CNC department maintains its own dedicated engineering staff and QA laboratory.  

Conventional Machining

With dedicated drilling, tapping and reaming machining centers in a combination of both single and multi-station configurations, Ryan can perform a variety of machining options at cost savings over traditional CNC machining.

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